January 23, 2012

Hello Order

I have felt that the last few years have just whizzed on by before I could even blink.  But for some reason this year, although still in its infancy, seems to have slowed down a bit.   It seems like the last two months of last year got shorter and faster with each passing day with the hustle bustle of the holidays; especially with having a little one in the house. But it seems like January has cut me some slack and has given me a chance to catch my breath and take grasp of the months ahead.

Maybe it's a way for my head to comprehend the now before I take the tremendous task of being a mother of two {and lose my head later on}.
Or it's my rediscovery of the word ORDER that has allowed me to be top of everything and I just have that much more time on my hands..
I've unearthed a new super human power...

Whatever it is.. I LIKE it.  
Or's it's my new super human power
I'm pretty sure that's what it is..

I finally feel myself allowing myself to slow down {and not because I'm getting bigger...er, my belly, that is ;} and enjoy the little things in my life.  The things that make it worthwhile.  I'm sure if my grass wasn't dead in my backyard {and not because I killed it!} I'd be watching it grow to be able to savor watching the earth spring back into life and turn green again.  I take great pleasure in watching things grow.  Especially her:

 Gosh, she's getting so big!

As January draws nearer to February, take a few steps back to reflect on this month and the things that you have accomplished.  I have done a few {small-ish} to my home in just these short few weeks that has made me feel proud and has made my life run a lot more smooth.  Which has given me more time.  And who doesn't want more time. {More Walking Dead season 2 please...}

Even if it seems like you haven't done anything yet this month, go ahead and DO something.  Something that will stand out and take precedence of the next eleven months and gets you started out on the right foot.  

Don't feel like tomorrow's to late to get started.  But don't turn tomorrow into tomorrow's tomorrow. That's one thing over the years that I have found-there's no better time than the present to get something started.  
Just go do it.   
It's taken me a long time to grasp that.  If I want that dang garage to be clean, I just gotta go out there and do it...

right now...


As soon as I'm done with this post.


So. Not. Procrastinating. 

Do you smell that?  

I smell cookies.  

{How can that be? I ate the whole batch of cookies from last week.}


Must be the Baby smelling them..

Baby called it.

I'm going to go make some more cookies instead.

I'll start on the garage tomorrow.

Tomorrow doesn't seem that bad.  

{I'm so bad.}


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