December 14, 2011

We're, here!

It's a good thing all you {trulie} scrumptious readers didn't hold your breath for our next post.... you would have died!

We {trulie} apologize for not posting in the last {*gasp*} has it been almost three weeks?!  
The busy holiday bustle has gotten the better of us, but this is what we've been doing:

We had a birthday girl turn one:
A birthday girl turn 24:
A graduation from UCDH:
 with lots of family in attendance :)
An amazing award given to my talented AND graduated sister
{pretty much the most important one given at graduation}
 And trip to Gardner's Village in Utah, as well as to Yogurtland (my new love) and the Chocolate in Provo...(my second new love)

{along with studying, studying, and studying-oh and taking boards, finishing finals, Christmas shopping, Young Womens, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping sprinkled with some birthday shopping, and a little bit of crafting magic-which we'll share soon...}

Roz and I got to spend five whole days together this past week, and it was absolutely amazing!  We had such a fun time together.  And ate so much ;)  My accomplishment of the year was I flew all by myself for the first time and with a baby, and made it home in one piece without harming anyone.  {She was such a good girl.}  Good thing it was only a 45 minute flight thought...  

Roz only has 3 more boards left {she had one today} and she is official.  
Congratulations to her.  I am so proud of my baby sister.

Speaking of congrats... we have more news.

We have two big surprises for all of you readers.
But we'll make you wriggle in you seats a little longer before we let the cat of the bag and the fat lady sings.
Stay tuned for the next chapter of our {trulie} scrumptious lives....




  2. I tried holding my breath ;) Glad to see you back and that you've had so much fun together!!!
    Where is this yogurtland you speak of?

  3. The yogurtland that we went to was in Orem right by the mall on (I wanna say..) University and State? Soo yum...I still have dreams about it ;)


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