December 28, 2011

A GiveAway, A GIVEAWAY!!

It's been too long since our last giveaway.  I have something {TrULiE ScRuMpTiOuS} that I have saved up for you all, but it's going to be fast and FLURIOUS!
{as in snow flurries...}
 {don't laugh too hard ;}

As you may not know, my new scrapbooking, photoprinting, and calendar-making friend has become SHUTTERFLY.  They have an amazing selection of everything under the sun to create beautiful memories to savor.  I made little E two books for Christmas.  
A Belly Book:

And her first year:

And even her somewhat technological challenged grandma made her a book as well-it's that easy:  

So she has THREE lovely books to enjoy the rest of her life.  And they turned out SO beautiful!

I have FiFtEeN {15} coupon codes for Shutterfly that end the 26th of January and I want to get them to you FAST! so you have time to ORDER.

Comment what you would LOVE to create on SHUTTERFLY and I will randomly select 15 of you to receive them by Jan. 2.  The more comments the more chances for you to win!

 Holiday Cards
and so many more fun things!

You can check out their website here:



  1. I love the calendars - we make one every year for family!

  2. i need to get making stone's 2nd year book! and this is the only way to go....we all know that i'm not a scrapbooker like my mom is. so pick me pick me!!!

  3. I made two photobooks for the first time last month. I'd definitely make a photo book!!

  4. I'd probably make a photo book. :)

  5. I would LOVE to have a coupon for my daughters 4th book I am making right now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shutterfuly. :)

  6. I would LOVE to make a book! Declan loves to look at the other books I've made him. Pick me! :)

  7. I would make a photo book.


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