November 4, 2011

FRIDAY! {Fruity Fact}

I have some {trulie} scrumptious new facts for today.  And for those of you waiting for the chicken pot pie in a pan's coming-promise :)
{I think I'll have to make it again anyways since it's so YUM!}


  • Tibetans, Mongolians, and people in parts of western China put salt in their tea-instead of sugar.

  • In 1914, movie theaters became so popular that ushers in New York theaters were trained by West Point graduates to move masses of people though small spaces.

  • There are approximately 1 million species of animals on the earth.  Of these approximately 800,000 are insects.

  • A surprising number of English words pertaining to the nose begin with the letters SN-snarl, sneer, sneeze, snicker, sniff, snore, snort, sniffle.

Hope you {trulie} enjoy your weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. things like the insects, that's just creepy and I'd rather not know :) The nose words are pretty cool though!


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