October 4, 2011

My Closet is Prettier Than Yours Giveaway Winner!

K, I meant to get this up waaay earlier, but here she is, Miss Adelina, our Closet Challenge Winner-Whoo!!
Again, a big thank you for her for her awesome participation :)
Have you all seen this challenge over at Trulie Scrumptious? It's the "My Closet is Prettier than Yours" challenge. Ash and Roz have dubbed September Organize your closets month.  This last week we spent organizing our Linen Closets or bathroom closets.  You can see my before pictures over here.
I probably would have been done a little sooner this week, except I get hit with a head cold/flu bug yesterday and was completely laid out!  Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling a million times better, although not 100%, enough to actually do some organizing.
And with that, here are my after photos!
This is the top half of the kids/guest closet. Even I have to use a stool to reach the top, so I decided instead of crowding under the kitchen sink, I could store all the cleaning supplies up here. There is no way the Princess' are going to get into those.  And then of course our stock pile of lotions, shampoos, and potty training reward jar (empty yes, it hasn't been used for awhile).
Here we have the bottom half the kids/guest closet. Thanks to pinterest, and some googling, I found a lot of people putting their laundry baskets on the bottom shelf of their linen closets. I loved this idea! We had been alternating between in their bedrooms and in the hallway, and I didn't like how either of those looked. Now it is hidden away, and the Princess' find it fun to toss their clothes inside the closet.  I then used some wicker baskets I had laying around; one for all the combs and brushes, and one for all the washcloths.  Thanks to Mark's mom we have these nifty plastic containers that are helping store all the little hair clips, ties, nail polish and clippers.  I love our newly organized closet!!
If you recall, we don't actually have a closet in our master bathroom. So we have this behind the toilet shelf unit. It has been really handy, but very disorganized. I am now pleased to say, that this "closet" makes me very happy. The decoration on top, followed with useful organization on the next two shelves is very refreshing.
Admittedly though, this photo is a bit staged. We have many, many more towels that will be on the bottom shelf. They are just all dirty at the moment due to a lack of washer/dryer this week. So instead of letting it look empty I dressed it up a bit with the hand towels, and washcloths.  I do wish it could always look like this though.

We also thank those who have participated in spirit :) What a great month to get the closets clean!  Can't wait to see what October has in store!  YAY!


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