October 19, 2011

Make your own crib/toddler sheets

One request for making your own crib sheets, coming right up!
I wish I had some pictures during the making process, but it's really so simple you really won't need 'em.  But if you do, here's the website I got my idear from; one of my absolute favs: MADE.

Early on, being such a thrifty newlywed, I scored some white king sized sheets at Freddy's.  Only problem was my bed was a queen.  BUT, I thought they would totally work.  And they did, but then I got realistic and quit using them.

So as they sat, I thought about making some sheets for my sweet little E and really was dreading buying fabric because it takes me SO long to make even the simplest decisions.  SO I had a great idea of cutting up my king sheets and making her crib sheets out of them.  A pure genius moment, right?  It worked out just perfectly since I was able to get two sheets out of one.  I wish I could have made a couple more, but  I previously threw the fitted sheet away due to some gnarly holes in it.  Can't really understand how that one happened still to this day.  But, eh.

According to Dana, she suggests you use two yards of fabric and 80" of 1/4" elastic.  Besides coordinating thread and a sewing machine, (and scissors and a safety pin) that's about all you need.

I cut my sheet into two yards (72" x approx 54") I believe I actually measured my crib mattress then added about four inches to each side (for the fitted part).  Sewed a little bit less than a 1/2" inseam with a hole at the end for my elastic.  Guide your elastic with a safety pin.  I used {two} because I usually end up losing the end and have to redo it at least twice before I finally get that what I'm doing isn't working :}  I pin one end at the opening and stuff the other one through the lining.  At the end I sew both sides of the elastic together and then do a final stitch to seal the elastic in its casing -FOREVER :} hehe.

And there you have it!
Fresh homemade crib/toddler sheets for your sweet little one out of an up-cycled sheet.


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  1. YES! Thank you! We bought some sheets at Ross and because they are already oddly made, they didn't quite fit. Then add our pillowtop, and they really didn't fit lol! Plus I think my crib sheets going through 3 children is plenty. this baby needs "new"er sheets.


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