October 17, 2011

10 Minute Lamp Recover Project

Can I just tell you one of the hardest things about a baby, for me at least, would have to be the well thought out design and follow through of the nursery.  
As you may have deciphered over the course of following our blog, I-Ashlie, am kind of a perfectionist.  Some may say it's a good thing, but for the most part, I consider it not so much a good thing.   

So back to our nursery!  It's been a work in progress for nearly a year and a half.  You may say, but your baby is only 10 months old?  Yes, it took me a year and a half to get my fabric. 
Luckily I knew I wanted the room painted gray.  So that's the first thing we did.  I had seen way too many rooms online painted pink and it just made me think Pepto...just saying.  So gray, I thought can go with anything.  And I {trulie} love it.  (Although it could be just a tad lighter....eeeeek!)  
Then about June/July she got a crib skirt.  Such an easy project that I could kick myself at how long it took me to get around to making it.  Can I also mention I made her crib sheets out of an white king sized sheet that wasn't being used?  Easy, peasy, porridge and pie! 
With a cute little slit!  It's my favorite :)  
So, after that project was completed, I moved on to her lamp....three plus months later.
I bought it at Wally World for less than $6, (Whoo!) but wasn't crazy about the zebra.  It didn't match.  So logically, I thought about covering it with some excess fabric I had left over.
I first spay painted the outside of the cover as to attempt to cover the stripes so they wouldn't show through my fabric.  
Then I got a sheet of freezer paper and traced the top and bottom of the shade...
Like so.
I started with the seam at the very edge of the paper and rolled and traced at the bottom until I reached my seam again. 

Then did the same thing with top then cut out my new pattern to pin to my fabric.  I added about an extra 1/4" top and bottom to allow me extra material to fold over the lamp edge for a clean finished look. 
Now, insert my new favorite tool HERE:
Spray adhesive.  
How awesome is it? Just spray on your cut out fabric and smooth over the surface.  Making sure you have no bubbles or bumps.  
Fold over the edges.  I cut a slit to let the material lay a little bit nicer.
I then went around the bottom and top with a glue gun to secure the material so it doesn't flip up.  The spray adhesive on the body of the lamp will stay just fine.  

 Lastly I folded over the end seam twice for a clean edge.  Sprayed a nice film of adhesive and finished!  
This project literally took me 10 minutes to do and was very simple.  To jazz it up even more, you could run ribbon along the edges for a nice coordinating accent.  You can also dazzle it up with buttons, ruffled flowers, whatev.   I would, but it would probably time me another three months to get around to it. :)
Happy Monday!



  1. Very cute! And don't worry, I'm so intimidated by the kid's room too. My 2 1/2 year-old's is still a work in progress,lol

  2. Great meeting you Ashlie... those are some awesome pictures! I'm not one for fashioning lamps, but you did an awesome job!

  3. That lamp is adorable! And how did you make the crib sheet? I've got some unused queen's that I would love to repurpose :)


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