September 29, 2011

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!
My pictures work!  I'm just a huge silly pants.  My computer just needed a little shut down time and is now running much better.

Now, about my grand finale.
My Pantry.  My {Pretty} Pantry.

I just need to get motivated to clean out my cupboards... Boo.
It's always something huh?

So this closet was fairly simple.  My master closet was definitely more cumbersome.  WAY more.  It was all a matter of clearing everything out and wiping down the shelves, then organizing my paraphilia into "zones".  I really didn't realize how ingenious it was until I got going and then it totally made so much sense have everything segregated.  Plus, I found out that I had a lot more room to work with.
Boo Ya.

Here's before.
I know, it's not totally horrible, but it's nice to go from this:

To this:

I still need some color in there.  Must. Paint. Soon. {um, Soon-ish}.
From Top Left down:
{Zone1} Glasswear.   
{Zone2} Breakfast and snacks
{Zone3} Baking
{Zone4} Storage
{Zone5} Storage

From Top Right down:
{Zone6} Tools and appliances
{Zone7} Canned goods
{Zone8} Rice, beans, pasta
{Zone9} Plastics
{Zone10} Samee

There's some spots where I'd like to get some more shelf dividers.  I think of all that wasted "air" space that could be used up, so I may have to do an addendum to my pantry day.   I dislike the thought of my potatoes being on the floor.   I feel they would be much happier corralled in a bin or basket...yeah, definitely a basket. 

I certainly hope I've at least inspired one person (thanks Adelina!) to make their closets the {Prettiest} ones around.  I know it's been a great motivator for me to get my closets off my checklist and let me tell ya, it feels pretty dang good.  The prettiest closet challenge is still going on through the end of the week with a GIVEAWAY so link up! 


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