September 22, 2011

Another {small} Closet Down

It's been a slow-go week for my closets.  Like all of you, I've blinked and my whole week has past by so quickly.  I've got plenty of closets in my house left, so it looks like I'd better get-a-goin' before our Closet Challenge ends next week!

 I did do my front entry-ish/coat/vacuum closet.  I'm kicking myself because I accidently deleted my before picture on my phone...awesome, I know.
It really wasn't that bad, I just had a mountain of games sitting on the floor getting in the way of my vacuum and a ton of office stuff up at the top.  Not to mention the mismatched coat hangers and wire hangers {which I got rid of-they absolutely drive me up the wall.  Why? I dunno?} I would eventually like to turn it in to a hideaway office, when I can afford a nice wireless printer and paint.  Oh what glorious things you can do with paint.  But I will be so happy when I can hide all my stuff and get rid of all this:

And then do this.
To my printer.
For reals people!

That darn red bucket (I don't know where to put that sucker...) is on the floor until I find another spot for it-this is home #2. 
I went through the coats and jackets and put some in the donate pile and the rest will go-somewhere..?  Maybe in a box in the garage.. 
Don't get me started on my garage, uggggh!
The green basket is for hats, scarves, and gloves.  They are all clean thanks to my homemade laundry soap! YAY!  Then I have my green bucket with all my cleaning supplies which will be perfect storage for now.

You ladies better get going because as you may recall there will be a GIVEAWAY PRIZE.  I didn't forget that there is more to winning the prize, so I'll tell you...

  • Everybody gets our button{whoo!}
  • A Tute-Sweet Tuesday feature on your winning PRETTIEST CLOSET and a spot light on your blog
  • Bragging Rights on your blog, which we know are very important
  • Three full months of sponsorship on our blog for F-R-E-E ($25 value)
Sound awesome, or what?!
SO get your GBs in gear and start making those closets sparkle with pizazz!  We want to see them so make a post and link them here  (Just one post per closet entry, please. Before and After).  
Ladies, and/or gentlemen, so far there is only one entry.  

From the bottom of our {trulie-scrumptious} hearts we say **THANK YOU** to Home Maid Simple for her fabulo-so linen closet!  Check it out here. She even did it while not feeling 100%, so I know you can do it!

Good luck! And happy Thursday!



  1. Awe, I'm really the only one so far? I've been trying to get some of my readers involved. Of course, this week totally passed me by, lol. Hmm, coat closet is a good one to do next. Sorry I linked the two, I wasn't sure how you wanted to do it. Now I know!

  2. Ah no worries at all! I'm just so happy I have someone participating!! :)


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