September 5, 2011


Today is my sister sou's birthday!
I'm SO GRATEFUL that my parents gave birth to a beautiful brown eyed, dark haired baby all those years ago on this very day... What would I have ever done without my big sister. All those days playing dress up, her chopping off my barbie dolls hair, oh and that one time she killed my fish by putting Clorox in it's fish tank, and the time she put honey on my alarm clock so it wouldn't shut off, or when she put soap on my Violin bow so when I went to Orchestra that day, my violin didn't make a sound, or all those times she would throw a cup full of cold water on me in the shower.. Man we had a blast! Haha She sure was a little trickster, and looking back at all these memories, they are hilarious! 
{not so much at the time} 
She always brings such joy and excitement into our family. She is the best big sister a girl could ask for! We did EVERYTHING together when we were younger and I always looked up to her. She is so smart
 I was a devil child compared to her. She got perfect grades, practiced and played her violin perfectly. She amazes me! She's crafty, thoughtful, a GREAT Mother and wife, but most of all, she was the greatest role model and big sister to me. 

I hope she has the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! 
{how could she not? She's having a big birthday party at MY HOUSE TONIGHT! Wahoo!} Can't wait till she gets here. We are dropping my brother off at the MTC on Wednesday, so the whole fam is staying at my house this week. It's gonna be lots of fun, and we are so excited to celebrate Ashlie's birthday with her! 


  1. Happy Birthday Ashlie!!!!!!!!!! Have a fun one!!!

  2. Aww, what a sweet post! Sisters are the BEST! Happy birthday, Ashlie!

  3. Thanks for sharing your sister with me all these years Roz! You girls are awesome!

  4. Happy birthday girl... so sweet!


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