August 10, 2011

Dum dum dum DUUM!

She is our newest and coolest {not to mention our first} sponsor!  So today is all about her and her stuff.  We are {trulie} jazzed about her being here on our blog.  Without further ado, here's more about 

her favorite post:here 
something fun:read it! 
has been featured: these places
her post:here 
about her: Im Aleks. Im a sun-fed, southern California, native learning to survive the wayward ways of the midwest. i love to craft, eat, dance, paint, sew, bake, oh, and did i mention eat? i LOVE food. i have a little problem of taking photos of whatever we are eating. Fiance absolutely hates it. especially when we go out.....
I am a full time Nanny, part time Baker. Im working on opening my own bakery from my home and then after i finish a few classes and get a few loans open a store!! Fiance is a computer programmer, not that i have any clue what that means. I have a little blog about our misfortunes, tall tales, and love stories with a few tutorials and recipes healthily thrown in. I have a shop on etsy that started out with headbands and has 
grown to accessories, home decor, baby stuff and much more. 

Isn't she so much fun AND talented?!  I'm going to be the first one to request a taste test of everything once her bakery is good to go...  So go on, go take a 
look-see on her blog and enjoy!
And know that if you are interested in being a sponsor email us and we'll get chya set up =}



  1. Ohhhh. I started following her, she's precious!! LOVE her already!

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