July 28, 2011

Family Tradish

Do you have those fabulous family traditions that you look forward EVERYyear? Well come July 24th,  let the tradition festivities begin! I'm not  sure if anywhere else in the United States celebrates PIONEER DAY but us Idahoans sure do (and Utahans of course)! But the best thing about the 24th weekend is our Annual Jackson Hole trip (Ash Bash couldn't be there this year and we missed her dearly) We've been going up to our condo in Jackson every year since I can even remember! It was beautiful this year and the weather was A-Mazing! 

 our little chipmunk friends, they look forward to our sunflower seeds every year..
 Hidden Falls, B-E-A-Utiful!

King of the Rock


   Whew- what a trip! If you've never been to Jackson, 
do yourself a favor and GO already!!
What are some of YoUr family tradish's? 
Happy Thursday {trulie-scrumptious} Friends!



  1. how fun! I can't really think of any yearly family traditions we have. We had a bunch growing up, but now we're kind of all over the place :( I guess it's time to start our own!

  2. I think I was there on that trip, not sure though cuz it doesn't look like it! ha It was a beautiful weekend only we were missing a few people:( It is an awesome tradition!


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