June 2, 2011

Let me go on, Like I blister in the SUN

I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a granola 
(see definition here
but I do get concerned about:

Especially the kind of chemicals that are in the things that I put on me and even more concerned about the chemicals I put on my baby. 

Summer is here.  The pools are open {and we're ok with that since we're S-Word safe-riiiight? ;} And if I had a boat, I'd be on it.  But when it comes to SunBlock, what the heck do you use? I've heard you NEED sunscreen to protect you from the sun and yet I've heard you SHOULDN'T wear sunscreen because they have harmful chemicals.
Well, what's a person to do?
Especially with a new fragile bebe?
The best weapon we have my friends is edgamacation.
 I found a great link that has a truckload of safer sunscreen products that have already been roadtested!  All the research is already done for you -which {i LOVE! since I can spend a life time researching online}
So go ahead.  Go enjoy the sun.  But be safe, and not just S-Word safe {teehee}, but safe from the sun.  Don't want anyone out there getting burned.  Because it hurts.  
And you don't want to look like... 
{embarrassing myself further-just for you guys-Sheesh.  Be sure to give me some love-I was 6 months prego my eggo at the time.} 
I'm just sayin'...you guys are lucky that I love you... and I know you won't judge me at all. Right? Right?!! :)

We went to Sunset Beach in NC {such a lovely place BTW} and I didn't wear any sunscreen 
(because I was NOT SMRT er...SMART.) 
Like-a-lobster Fried
Not cool when you are kind of {f-word} and can't move to begin with.  But to be fluffy and a red lobster? MISERY!!
{BTW:the f-word is fat-but we don't use that word around here, not even when your prego, bcz NO ONE likes to hear that word}

So be safe out there and lather up with some good stuff.  And if you have good stuff, let us here about what you use/like/have used!



  1. that looks really painful. It's funny though because despite the burn, you look cold in that picture!

  2. -ah we were just cheesin' it for the camera :) haha! and it was painful-to do everything.. sit, stand, lay. ugh. misery. that won't happen again...

  3. being a red head i've always worn sunscreen....even in a tanning bed! haha. For stone I've been using the baby sunblock...in the pink bottle...the tear free kind. can't remember what it's called. and for me i use anything with SPF 25 or higher. i really like the banana boat kind.

  4. Arbonne makes an awesome sunscreen...one for adults AND one for babies! Their products are all natural too, free from dyes and perfumes and animal products (and animal by-products)!!! They're GREAT!!! They even have an incredible self-tanner! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It actually tans you from your natural pigments so you don't turn orange! Its awesome!!!!


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