April 14, 2011

Testing 123

Testing testing 123....
I'm trying out blogging from my phone while I am away from my computer this weekend. I hope it works :)

Road trip: hour one
So far so good. The little one hasn't made a peep. Nap time is drawing near so we'll see how well she does. 

Thanks SO much for all those tips! We were fortunate enough to rent a car for pretty cheap. My car is on it's last leg and the hubbys' is too small to fit all the "stuff" in it.

I sure hope I did a good job packing....guess we'll find out soon enough-right?

 I'll keep you all posted on how everything goes. I *might* have chance to see Roz on our way home.  Wouldn't that be the coolest?!  SUPER cool. (ps is it still cool to say 'cool'? ...I have NO idea : /...)

Will update more in a couple hours as operation roadtrip continues- love ashlie :)


  1. Oh good luck! You'll be fine! We took Declan on a 9 hour roadtrip when he was about the same age as baby E. So sorry to hear about Brent's grandpa. Love you Ashole! :)

  2. yeah it's still cool to say "cool" because we still say "cool" and we are cool...haha. yeah i'm a dork. good luck on the trip, and just remember that if you forgot anything you can always stop and buy what you need.


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