April 13, 2011

Big 2-5

Just wanted to give my husband a blog birthday shout out... He's my BIRTHDAY BOY today! The big 25...

(he likes to check up on our blog sometime, gotta give him some loves)

Since we're poor college kids and 
I've been busy with finals all week, 
here's what I decided to do for this 
sweet boy of mine...
First I gathered some "supplies"
Then I went to work...
I guess I should inform you how many times a day I hear, 
"Oh my gosh, you're just like a little kid." 
I tend to get overly excited about The littlest things. 
And this surprise I had for hubby made me MORE than Excited!
SoOoooOOo....... This picture below {might} make the "little kid" statement I hear daily THAT much more true..
25 things I love about you.
I wrote 25 "I love....." notes on every heart and 
hung them all over the wall. 
I had finals this morning and was gone before Mitch woke up. 
But I received a,
"Duh I sure love you more than anything in this entire world" text during class (I think he kinda liked it)

So If you're wanting to get back to those 
childhood roots of yours,
Nothing makes you feel more like a kid then gettin' out the stacks of colored paper and cutting out BIG paper hearts..


  1. Now-THAT is just plain SWEET--no matter WHAT age! :)

  2. you guys are too cute!!! I feel so old!!! :)
    have a great birthday!

  3. That's awesome! I'm going to have to remember this for next year!


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