April 7, 2011

Some Housekeeping...

THANK YOU ALL for all the comments and follows so far! It's so encouraging to have so much support in the first few days of our blog!  Ya'll (Can I say that in IDaHo? :) are AWESOME!!

All kudos for the design of the blog goes to my sister, Rozalynn.  Roz Doz is da*bomb when it comes to making blogs look cute.  Or anything cute for that matter.   I have to have her come all the way from Utah to come help me shop for clothes! A GINORMOUS thank you to her and all the hours she's put into this.

Just a couple things that I've noticed on some of your comments: the twitter and etsy links are not working.

Twitter is BRAND new to me (Roz too)...actually all of this is, so we will try and work out the twinks.  Just bare with us and if you have some tricks of the trade-please email us and help us out!  (I can be somewhat technologically clueless.)

Etsy is coming soon.  We've got some marvelous ideas streaming through our brains for our shop.  Roz will be coming to visit me on her break (yay!) in a couple weeks, so we'll be getting that started for ya and let you know the moment we're up and running.

 I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics this afternoon to generate some ideas. Can't wait!  There are some cutesy fabrics that I can't wait to get my hands on.  Plus it is a great sale week.  Love me some cutesy fabric on sale.

Again thanks for all the LOVE.

Have a {Trulie Scrumptious} Day!


  1. Thanks for visiting girls. What a great way for you two to stay close :)

  2. Thanks for the visit. I can't believe how many followers you have already. I have just reached 51 and that is after over a year of blogging. Your blog is looking awesome. I wish I had the time and knowledge to do it myself or the money to have someone else do it for me, but for now this is what I have and it will do. I found that consistently blogging every day is good for me because if I miss one day it is so easy to just let go and stop blogging and I don't want that because I need this outlet.
    I am looking forward to getting to know you.

  3. Your blog is so cute! It's cool that you & your sister love to craft together. I have a twin sister, but I live in Vegas & she lives in Texas. We both had baby boys last year & they are about 2 months apart. I miss her so much & wish we lived closer together!

    Looking forward to reading your blog :)


  4. Good Luck ladies! It can be a lot of work but its looking so great already! If you need any help shoot me an email and I'd be happy to help, or send you to someone that did it for me!


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