April 9, 2011

how it all began..

Rozalynn here...
In the summer of 2009, my husband and I were living in
Fresno, California..

I went to  Relief Society one Sunday and they announced they are making quiet books for an activity. (to learn more about our church click {here}
I thought it would add some excitement to my days to start working on a craft, so I signed up.
I knew NOTHING about crafting! I spent HOURS on this quiet book of mine and it still looked ridiculous. But my Relief Society President had all the patience in the world with me and taught me the very basics of crafting.

And when I say basic, I mean she handed me a button and said, 
"Ok, sew this button right here". 
She soon realized by the look on my face, I HAD NEVER SEWN A BUTTON BEFORE!!
  I never took a Home Ec class in High School, so I was Clueless
Sewing a button was a HUGE accomplishment for me! 

She slowly eased me into working the sewing machine, but I usually was to scared and said, "You do it, I'll ruin it". Do you know what she said to me that changed my crafting life forever?

"Just Go for it Rozy, and the best thing about sewing is,
if you don't like it you can unpick it and Start all Over!" 

So, the very next day I ran to Walmart and picked up the cutest sewing machine there and got Busy! I might have chosen the hardest thing possible to start with, but I attempted it anyways! 
This was my first sewing project EVER!
This thing took me at LEAST 3 months to finish. I seriously made it SEW complicated! About a week before I was getting close to finishing, it just clicked in my head and I found the EASIEST way to sew these pieces together. I wish I had a picture of how I was doing it before because I was making my life WAY to hard.
I made two more of these blankets for my friends and finished them in 2 days! 

So I guess that's one of the reasons why Ashlie and I wanted to start this blog. 
We can get through all the kinks and make it easier for YOU! Because if I would have had you blogging friends earlier, it sure would have made this project a LOT easier for me! 
I just want to let you all know that when I say, "If I can do it, you can do it" 
It's the Honest truth! 
I have one more little embarrassing story to share.. This is the phone conversation I had with my mom about the second day I had my sewing machine..

me: MOM My thread is to loose and it keeps coming undone
mom: Well did you put the foot down?
me: Yes! My foot is all the way down on the pedal, I can't push any Harder!
mom: (hysterical laughter) not the FOOT Pedal, the foot you push down that's behind your needle!
So folks, if you learn anything from this experience of mine,
just know that the foot is not the actual Foot pedal! 
And .
"Just Go for it, and the best thing about sewing is if you don't like it you can unpick it and Start all Over!" 

*also you never know what you can do unless you try it, Don't sell yourself short!

Be sure and show us all of your wonderful creations, we'd LOVE to see them!
Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Hahaha! That is too cute! I remember my first sewing project on my own. I wanted to make a scrunchie. How hard could it be, right? Well, I totally made it inside out. I vowed never to sew again. *psssh, yeah rignt.* Now I sew pretty much every day and I love it!

  2. That is so great!!! Love your stories and I'm so glad you are sewing!!! Isn't it the best! You guys are so adorable!!! :)

  3. Hi Girls,

    Thanks for stopping by frou-fruGal and inviting me over to your blog. I love how your personalities shine through. I love your words of wisdom on sewing. We all start somewhere and being willing to jump in and make mistakes is a great way to learn.

    One suggestion, put your address on your settings page so that you are not a "no-reply" blogger. It helps people be able to respond to you a little better.

    I'm a new follower and can't wait to see what you share.

    Ps. I've lived in both Idaho and Utah and now live in Ohio far away from all 5 of my sisters.

  4. Cute blog! Thanks for stopping my blog too and following. I'm now following you guys too!


  5. Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog...I hope you drop by again soon!! I now follow you...your blog is SO CUTE and that blanket is incredible! I would LOVE to give you link party advice, I will email you soon! :)

  6. Just leaving some blog love...as your newest follower! :)

    Such a cute blog, girls!

  7. I remember having "Home Economic" class in primary school! I actually sawed an actual bag!

    Now, to saw a button - can't do it. Ha ha!


    It's OUT!
    Come and join The Pajama Project!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  8. I know how to sew on a button, but I haven't really had any hobbies the last five years of college. I have decided to resurrect them whatever my plans end up being.

    I am going to make a skirt :)

  9. We'd love to see what your shirt looks like! let us know when you finish it ;) and thanks for all the blog love ladies, you're the best!

  10. There IS Hope for me!! lol. i've been wanting to learn to sew for SO long now but just haven't done it - out of time- money for a machine - time - excuses excuses really, but thanks for now giving me hope! i'm kinda crafty/creative in lots of other areas but sewing has been something on my 'to-tackle' list for way too long now -i need to just Make It Happen! thanks for a bit of inspiration... and Hope =)

  11. I don't know how to sew either, and I am very uncrafty. This post makes me like your blog even more, because now I know you are not one of those naturally crafty people. That gives me hope for myself!


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