April 27, 2011

*Craft Week*

Hey everyone! Didn't you just fall in Love with Natsprats Tutorial yesterday? We sure did.. We're trying to get some craftin' of our own done this week since we're both In B-town! This is about the extent of our crafting...
You're right, it's all in bags and on top of the table..
It seems like all we've done is SHOP shop shop till we've dropped. So one of these days this week we'll get the crafts OFF the table and OUT of the bags and actually create some awesome stuff!  But it's hard when all I want to do is play with my perfect little niece baby E. Even when she does stuff like this ..
It only makes me love her more.. Doesn't she look so Proud of this mess she made? 
Happy Wednesday Everyone! 
By the way, How's everyone's Healthy eating choices coming along? 
Hopefully a little bit better than ours ;) he he 
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  1. lol, she's so adorable! Good luck with the crafting!
    I've nominated you for a bloggy award! Check this post to see it

  2. Ok So I am running behind...just a little but I made it. Glad i finally made it over to follow your blog too! I have some events going on if you are ever interested in sponsoring any items for the giveaways, just let me know i can send you some details over. Enjoy the rest of your week! miamamiahs@live.com

  3. Ewww, poopie. She is going to be so embarrassed when she's 15 and knows that we all saw this, lol.
    Lovin' this blog, keep up the cuteness!


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