November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I realize we're already in November and I'm a tad slow on getting to my Halloween post, but I'll blame it on the weather.  It has made me want to curl up with a good book {which I've done :} and chow down on warm comfort food {which I've also done}.  I'll have to share my wondrous chicken pot pie in a pan recipe.  It's perfect for these increasingly colder days.

Me, Spunky and Miss E had such a fun little Halloween.  {Hope all of you did as well.} We all went trunk-or-treating for the first time and it was so much fun just to watch E try to figure out what the heck was going on.  She did get whatever was in her purple pumpkin was actually pretty tasty once you got the wrapper off.  Talk about baby sugar high...
{We only let her have one sucker-that was enough}

But on to her costume!  I said she wasn't a princess, but the gold tutu was for...
  And man alive, she was the cutest Red Fraggle you have ever seen!
 Ever since she was old enough I've rotted her brain with the 80's cartoon Fraggle Rock. 
And she loves it.  
 I thought about her being the usual, a cupcake, fairy, or a butterfly...
 But I then thought it would be fun to make my own costume and do something original.  Which worked; no one really got who she was.
Granted there was really only a small handful of people who even knew what she was, because of her tail.
Does no one watch classic 80's muppet shows?!

  I even got, "oooh what a cute...uh, Minnie Mouse." 

{High five 80's muppet shows!}

Well, there's always next year.  :}

What did you and yours dress up as?



  1. That Costume is ADORBS! so sweet! we had a "first" trick or treater least the first she will REMEMBER. Princess. Then a mummy (hand made), a dark phantom...(another reason for a boy to carry a weapon) and a character from a fav video game of my oldest (also handmade--yay for the cost!!)

    Glad your Halloween was great!----AND THE RECIPE PLEASE? YUM!

  2. Sounds like too much fun! I love the cost {or the lack of} factor when it comes to making a costume. I just may have to do it again :) Recipe coming soon, so stay in touch!

  3. LOVE the costume! So darling! I tried getting my kids to watch fraggle rock, and they just didn't care for it :( awe well, they did love the Gummi Bears (my personal favorite!)


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