October 13, 2011

Practically FREE mounting hardware for your {Perfect} Plate Wall Decor

There is one more phase in my {Perfect} Plate Wall Decor tute that I technically had and that is the mounting hardware.  
It's annoying (and expensive!) to go out and buy, so I cheated and used safety pins.  Yup! As if this project couldn't get any easier and cheaper!  I found this website to help guide me, but turns out I had dried up super duper glue and only had glue gun glue.  So here's what I did to improvise since I was too lazy to go buy some :) 
I used a highlighter to mark the middle of the plate (I eyeballed it)
Used a corner of sand paper to rub off some of the glaze to help set the glue.  As Craftaholic says you really only need to rub for a bout 5-10 seconds. 
Set your safetly pin in your glob of glue.  I globbed my safety pin then flipped over it and globbed it some more to make sure I had a good glob amount and secured the top portion.  It's not the loveliest mounting hardware job, but eh, it works :)
 I then left them out for 24-48 hours to let them completely set and dry. 
{It so did not take me three weeks to hang these... I just wanted to make extra sure they would stay.  Yeah, that's it ;} 
And done!  You're own little mounting hardware pieces that you never knew you had just laying around.



  1. FOR REAL!?! (smacking forehead)I just had 2 plates fall off of my wall because I thought they'd stay up with that dumb mounting tape! Sigh. Guess I'll try again with your genius idea!!! Thanks, gals! XOXO!

  2. Great idea! But what if I later want to move my plates? This slightly scares me that I will ruin my plates too, though!


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