September 17, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog!

Just getting through three closets has made me feel like a million bucks.  It's like I won the lotto! .{hmmm.}  Ok, not that great, but there's something about the word "organized" that makes me so happy I want to do a little dance!  My husband has seen it and he thinks I'm a tad wack-o to be that happy over neat shelves.  Eh, it's his fault he married a wack-o.  :)

I took out my big bulky blankets out of my guest bathroom and put in them in my laundry room.  Genius?  Um, yeah!  I just wish I had thought of it sooner.  (Not so genius).  It's perfect to have tucked away and easier to get to when I want to snuggle on the couch.
I put my paper towels in the guest bath and all the TP in the master bath (since we use it more) and I have clean towels all around.  Lovely :)
Put my flashlight in there just in case the power ever goes out so I know (and remember) where it is-along with our "travel stuff": an airplane pillow and a dog handy, I know. 

Now, I now you all are busy and actually have a life, but lets just keep the ball rolling on these, shall we?  I think it's grand to get just one closet done.  So since I can change the rules all I want, ignore the "linen closet" week and we'll just have three weeks of organized and pretty closets to link up here and have one big prize at the end and three winners for different categories?  

Starting Monday, though, I'll have another lovely closet to be organized so watch out.  (to have all my closets cleaned out by the end of September-simply heaven!! WHOO!)  Also I will announce the remainder of our special giveaway:)  

Have a super great weekend!



  1. Looks great! Although I do think your before here looked good too. But having it easy to use is what really counts!

  2. I love that you are changing the rules! I busted my ....backside, and I did my bathroom closet--took pics and was all ready to blog about it...then a 2 year old needed me. Pretty soon it was SUNDAY and I was all--ACK!!! I FORGOT TO DO MY POST!!!
    Oh well--at least the bathroom closet looks awesome! LOL


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