August 6, 2011

The Skunk Story...

So I mentioned a skunk story in yesterday's
Fruity Fact Friday...
In our old house #236, next door to us was a house with a barn, and under that barn was a family of-guess who: 

I think it was around fall when a skunk fell into our window well.  Not good for the skunk-nor us.  The poor thing was so scared.  Couldn't get out, didn't know where it was so it just started spraying it's par-fume. 
Spraying everywhere.
Um, ok, spraying is an understatement.
It completely saturated our house and everything in it.  

I was in Jr. High at the time and in each class I got:
"Um, you guys smell something?"  
"It smells like, (sniff sniff) a skunk?"
"Ugh.  Do you smell that?"

Me: "(*sniff*sniff) Hmmm, I must have a cold or something.  Can't smell anything.. :/ "

Can you say: Embarrassing?!!

Yes this was absolutely TRAUMATIZING! I was only in 6th grade and still riding the good ole' bus to school. I was the 2nd person on the bus that day and decided it would be best if I sat in the very LAST seat. {hoping if I sat far enough away, no one would notice the stench} But without fail, the second anyone got on the bus they'd say,
"UGGGG Can you smell that? It smells like a dead skunk."
 I KNOW the bus driver knew it was me, I made his beloved bus be taken over by the smell of a dead skunk. And it only got worse at school. I made the entire 6th grade hallway smell!! The entire day I heard the same thing Ash did, 
Like I said.. TRAUMATIZING! I'm sure some people from my class will read this and remember that awful day in 6th grade when our hallway smelled of the DEAD SKUNK.
Needless to say, we spent the next few weeks at my Grandma's house....

So that's the story of the skunks and how it ruined our life for a week in Jr. high and Middle School.

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