August 24, 2011

Do you Zu?

I've got to tell ya, I'm addicted.
Every day morning, sometimes at work I get on my computer and check for my Zuliy email-religiously.  
I can't help it.  

Me: "Hi, my name is Ashlie and I'm a Zulily fan."
You: "Hiiii Ashlie."

As I discovered  some eight or nine months ago, really a little bit since before little E was born, I've fallen in love with this website.  If you aren't familiar, it's a site that features tons and tons of great name brands--at discount prices.  They have daily deals that are 50-90% off retail.  And everything, I mean everything is über adorable.

But wait....
it gets better :}

Better than good deals for mom, your home, baby and kids, you say?

They've got an app for that.

Zulily has just launched an app for your iPhone.  
Why is that SO fantastic and has me break dancing in my kitchen?
I'll tell you :}
1.  You can set it up to alert you of when the good deals start - 6:00am PST.  (Good thing I'm MST, I won't let my alarm wake me up that early.  Yeah I know that's 7a for me but I usually need 30 more minutes- hey, every minute of beauty sleep counts!)

2.  It is easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.  They have catagories such as New Today, Bestsellers, Home, Moms, Kids Apparel, Toys and Books, ect.  They even have a preview of tomorrows' events  so you can sleep with your credit card under your pillow for your important morning Zulily reminder alert to wake you.  
You can even tap and highlight what you would like to be alerted for.  For example on 8/24 I've got my eye on The Snack Trap highlighted for my little E so I can stalk the good deals before I even get out of bed.  
There's not a better way to start your day.

3.  Each item is easy to view, has easy zoom-age so you can see exactly what you'll be getting, and has a thorough product description, so there's no guessing what the size and measurements are.  They even have an link at the bottom right where you can learn more about the company they're featuring.

 {In LOVE with that dress BTW.  If only it came in my size... you think? :}

4.  Checkout is simple.  They offer payments through PayPal as well as credit card.  AND, when you register, they keep track of all your information so you don't have to worry about inputting all of your information over, and over, and over. 
And over.
What else is neat is every order is on your phone.  I have an order that I received last April. 
{My sweet SkipHop diaper bag-which I use EVERYDAY and I LOVE.  Even Spunky uses it.  Only because it's not "way girly".}
  Everything I need to know on my smart little smart phone. 
Impressive, no? 
 5.  What's even cooler is the $15 credit to put towards your next purchase once you invite a friend to shop Zulily.  It's a win-win-win.

6.  The ultimate best part.  The app is FREE.  I {heart} free apps.  They make me so happy.  

Now really, you say, it all can't be this good.  What's the drawback?  Ok, I've found one so far.  

1. You got to shop the goods early. Because when they're out.  
They're out.
{so really set your alarm}  

So let me ask you again, do you Zu?

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