August 2, 2011

$4 Tute-Sweet Tuesday

How are all you PLANKERS Doing out there?? You better start linking up those Planker photo's of you or ELSE!
k+l Planker
So I've been eye ballin' this paper wreath for a while now and I finally came around to accomplishing it! I mean, who doesn't want some Wall decor Love for only 4 BUCKS! 
Here's what you'll need:
*Foam wreath from the dollar store (I absolutely hated the type I got, so don't ever choose the nasty green one like I did ;)
*An old book you no longer need
*Black craft paint (or any color your little heart desires)
*Glue gun and plenty of Glue sticks!!
*A piece of ribbon
*Optional: a Frame large enough to fit around the wreath, I got mine for $3 at DI

Let's get started Shall we??

So now that you have your edges painted...

After you're all done tearing..


and gluing......
and gluing......
and gluing......
and gluing.......

WHEW! Enough with the gluing already right??
well you're almost done!

Wasn't that Fun? Now it's YOUR turn to link up your Latest and Greatest CRAFTS! WE love to see what all your genius masterpieces look like.
LINK up your Genius PLANKER PHOTOS!!



  1. That craft is soooo pretty! Definitely worth framing. :)

  2. I love your double fold to the center! And for book lovers, if they really like this craft...just give a book to a child....wait...ok you're probably good to make a wreath without doing the actual tearing now :) I'm going to link up the book wreath I made a while ago.
    OH and love the planking! Hubby really wants us to do this


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