June 6, 2011


Does anyone else have an overly protective husband? I sure do and I am so grateful. He's always trailing behind me picking up my wallet I left on the bench or my cell phone I left on the store checkout counter. I'd seriously be lost in this world without him... I thought this was adorable so I wanted to share...
I had the bright idea of buying a scooter and riding that for the summer. And after what seemed like a hundred lectures on being a defensive driver, he bought me a scooter..
My friends wanted me to come over and show em my new ride so I told the Hubby I'd be back in a jiffy. It was getting a little dark so he told me to call him the SECOND I got there.
(they live 3 minutes away)
so me being my forgetful self forgot to call him when I got there. (in my defense my friends got me sidetracked because I had to give them each a ride) so when I pulled into the parking lot from our little ride... there's my Hubby pulling in.. He thought I was squashed on the road when I didn't call him so he was coming to find me.
(he must REALLY not trust my driving skills) but I was so grateful for him coming and checking on me. He was also there to follow me home haha. Can you say overprotective?? Yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way...

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  1. That is so cute! How funny. What a sweet husband :)


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