May 19, 2011


As I was thinking of a post to do for this week, I started thinking about the word "YES" and how much it has impacted my life. You know those days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing, but someone calls and asks if you want to go out and you begrudgingly say Yes? 
And then you end up having one of the funnest nights ever?? 
Or is that just me? Just me? ok.
Back to  the YES word...
I really got to thinking about all the situations I've said "yes" to and how it's shaped me into the person I am today....So lucky for you I'm taking you all on a  
stroll down the path of my past "yes's"
Are ya Ready kids??
SOOO this might be one of those "begrudgingly said yes's". But my daddy taught me at a young age that if you kick a hole in the wall because your upset, you have to fix it.. 
Ok, Ok, I think what he was REALLY trying to teach me is, if you break it you fix it. And that can be applied to lots of things in my life today. Seems like I'm always doing silly things and trying to fix them later.
Thanks daddio for making me fix that {foot shaped} hole in the wall..
Getting Baptized at the age of 8 was a HUGE yes decision for me
and was one of the first big decisions of my young life.
(I'm missing those bangs right about now)
OK, this was another one of those moments where I really really really really really wanted to say no, but I said Yes to accompanying my grandma in her many performances.
{ALL of us grandkids had to endure her MANY performances, but it meant the WORLD to my grandma that we were involved, so it made it all worth it... ;) 
Those are some pretty great red pants wouldn't ya say?
Saying Yes to playing in the Orchestra for 6 years of my life. 
Heck, I got my picture in the newspaper!
It also gave me the Opportunity to travel to Utah multiple times and to Branson, MI for an Orchestra Competition {nerdy, I know} But HEY I got a fabulous trip out of it!
Saying Yes and working hard to earn my Young Woman's Medallion 
taught me a LOT of important life skills. 
(A few I wish I would have practiced a little more like ehh cooking maybe?)
It also gave me the satisfaction of reaching a really great goal.
(or maybe I got it so my mom would stop hassling me...he he)
Saying YES to dedicating 8 years of my life to cheerleading
{which I consider to be a sport, woop woop!}
  Some of my favorite memories are with these girls, both in High School and in College.
 The competitions, Nationals, gymnastics classes, games, bus rides, late nights, laughs, cries, bruises, black eyes, bloody noses, cheer camps, plane rides, successes, failures.
The list could go on and on...

  They saw me during the good, the bad and the ugly.
Thanks girls for making those years some of the best years of my life!
Saying yes to playing all those games of Chinese checkers with  my grandpa. I am forever grateful for every minute I got to spend playing games with him and holding his hand before he passed away. love you forever and always grandpa..
Saying YES to a job In Sunny Floriday for 3 months was one of my most {favorite} yes's!
I not only got the best tan of my life, 
but it was my first time being away from home by myself. 
It gave me the opportunity to REALLY find myself and learn how to survive on my own.
I really grew and learned from this experience
{but it also ruined me because it taught me that 
I can live on a beach EVERYDAY and be totally ok with it}
Saying YES YES yes Yes yes YeS YES to this handsome man of mine 
when he asked me to marry him on that Rainy September day.
Moving to CaLiFoRnIa the first bit of our marriage was possibly the best thing for us. 
Not only did I meet some of my most favorite friends in the world, 
but it helped me learn that I need to rely on my husband.
(Clarification: we lived by our parents the first 3 months of our marriage. Everytime something went wrong I went running to my mom..Who does that right??  
So this experience REALLY taught me to rely on Mitch, 
and not always go running to my mother dear) 

This is another one of my most favorite Yes's in my life..
Gavin asked me to his Homecoming dance  Isn't he just a sweetheart?{he has down syndrome, but is the sweetest thing on the entire planet}
Yes, I had been graduated almost 5 years, Yes, I was married, but did that stop me from going? No way! How could you say no to that face? We had such a fun time and it was such an amazing memory that I'll never forget.
This has been SUCH an amazing journey with only 2 semesters left! 
I have honestly made some of the best friends. 
We have been through so many emotions together, 
it has been an intense year to say the least.
But I'm SO glad I did it.. It will all be worth it in the end, Right??
{that's what I keep trying to tell myself}
Saying yes to this man on our very special day has been the BEST YES I've ever said.
I'm so happy I'm married this this handsome guy for time and all eternity. And our journey has only just begun. Thank goodness for the Word Yes and all the joy it can bring.
What things have you said Yes to that has made you who you are today?



  1. Aww, such a good post! I enjoyed your memory lane of yes's :) They've all lead you to where you are now!

    You are gorgeous!


  2. That's a lot of really awesome YES'S! I didn't know you guys grew up in Rexburg! I grew up in Idaho Falls! My Dad managed the JCPenneys at the Grand Teton Mall! Craaaazy!

  3. This is an awesome post! Where did you work in Florida for 3 months? You’ve done so much! You rock girl!

  4. Loved this post! You are gorgeous!

  5. k that post was simply darling!


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