May 5, 2011

Guest Blogger.Whitney

Everyone give a warm welcome to our new bloggy BFF 
She's super cool, we Know you'll love her just as much as we do.
In honer of exercise week, she's here to tell us her work-out routine! 
Yipee Whitney. Show us whatcha got!

First off I want to say Hello to all the amazing 

Second, I want to say how stinkin excited I am 
to be here today
The cute Rozalynn emailed me and asked me (of all people, I was honored)
If I would share a little about what I do 
to stay in shape and why I love fitness
I of course jumped right on the opportunity to be here and said YES ma'am
So here I am first time guest posting 
and as excited as ever
My blog is about 
being a Newish stay at home mommy
being a wife
my adventures as a new sewer
and everything fun in between

Fitness is a humongous part of my life (I have a fitness journal here) and has been since I can remember
I am a physical Fitness Major and Health minor college Grad
And am going to be doing my Student Teaching in PE and Health this Fall
I love fitness and am excited to share it with 
the youth

ok ok Lets start from the very beginning shall we....
I am going to be real here no fluff
check it out 
When I was 8 I started into the gymnastics world
Yes it is its own world
As time went on I really started to love it
by the time I was in Jr. High and High school it was pretty much my life
It is a year round sport
It is hard
It is fun
It is addicting
 (Summer 2004)
I was fit
Solid muscle
Could eat anything I wanted
(Man how I miss that gymnast body)
I ended up doing it for 10 years
I competed up to a level 9 (out of ten levels)
And was working level ten stuff when....
I got injured
I fractured my back
It wasn't as bad as it sounds it happened over time and the fractures got bigger and bigger 
until I was in enough pain that it was time to go to the doctor and I had to quit my love
or the back would never heal
I had to wear a hideous brace and quit my life it seemed like
But eventually my back healed and so did my broken heart

during the time I had to wear the brace 
And being new to the college life
(freshman fifteen)
I gained weight 
I was the heaviest I had ever been
ick ick ick
(I can't find a pic of me from those days sorry)

I moved back home my sophomore year of college
Did the school thing online, got an amazing job
And worked out
I worked out hard
You could say I got a bit obsessed
(It was at least 2 hours a day-I wasn't married or a mom yet...I had the time)
I got the skinniest I had been in a LONG time and I was loving life

(August 31st 2007)

I got Married to this amazing man and felt amazing in my dress

(August 2007)

Being a new wife and a full time student, and coaching gymnastics
I got busy
I wasn't working out as much as I should
Until I realized how much I missed it

(June 2009)
And I was at it again
This time I tried the whole running thing
I fell in love
I again got addicted to working out
It was my me time, my thinking time and kept me sane
I got up to 9 miles and decided I wanted to train for a half marathon

Then.....I found out I was pregnant with our little peanut

(Jan 2010)
We were ecstatic
I can't even put into words how much we wanted this
I told myself before I got pregnant I was not going to be one of those ladies
You know the ones that get pregnant and just stop
stop working out, stop eating healthy
That was not going to be me
until I got pregnant
I kept running for a while 
but I just got so tired and nauseous
And I just didn't have it in me anymore
I said I would start back up again when I was past that stage
But I didn't
I still tried to do some things and I wasn't a complete coach potato
I would go on walks and stuff
But I didn't push myself and I regret that
Next time I get pregnant things will be very different

 (March 2010)
I was pretty luck I only gained a total of 35 pounds so that wasn't too bad considering
(August 2010)
Then My little Maddux entered this world and all I saw
when I looked in the mirror 
or at pictures was Overweight
I was unhappy
 (I seriously have a hard time looking at the picture above)

 (May 2010)
I feel like the first 25 pounds came off pretty quick and naturally while breastfeeding
But then I plateaued
I couldn't loose the last little bit
So I started at it again
And now we are to one year after the babe was born and 
I am still striving to get back to being the best Fit 
I can be
It is hard
It is frustrating sometimes
But I just try to stay positive and work hard
And I truely do love it
I feel my best when I have been working out
I have more energy
I am happier
And I just enjoy life so much more

I know my body will never be the same unless I kick it into high gear
So that is what I am trying to do now I run
I go to the gym 
And I do Insanity
I feel like I have to mix it up and do a little of everything
Muscle confusion is the key to success in fitness
and muscle gain
I try to workout 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day
I know for us busy mommy's out there it can be really hard to find the time
I know what that is like
I have a baby
I have a hubby busy in law school
My gym doesn't have day care
So sometimes I workout at home
And the other times as soon as hubby comes home
I am out the door to the gym and back before dinner

Here is my typical week
Day 1- Insanity! (The insanity DVD workout program)
This is usually Monday. It is hard for me to get to the gym
These days because the hubby is at school then we have dinner with grandma

Day 2- Cardio and abs- I am training for a half marathon again so I have one day dedicated
to my training day
I am up to eight miles 
I run on an indoor track so it is a little grueling sometimes
I can't wait to get to running outside again
I also jacked up my knee last week so I have to take it easy for a few weeks

(May 2011)
Day 3- Arms, abs and a little Cardio- 
I lift free weights for about 45 minutes
Here is an example work out that I do sometimes
Bicep curl- 20 w/20lbs
Tricep overhead- 10 w/20lbs
One Arm Dumbbell Row- 15 w/20lbs
Tricep extensions- 10 w/10lbs
Bench press- 15 w/30lbs
Shoulder Press- 10 w/30lbs
Pull-ups- 10 w/30lbs
Bent Arm abductions- 15 w/15lbs
Tricep Dips- 10
(2-3 sets)

I get my ab workouts from
This site is awesome people 
It gives you a different ab workout everyday
They keep it interesting
And you don't get bored from doin plane old crunches everyday
On my light cardio days I try to at least run 2-3 miles
(I used to die at 1 mile....believe me people it all of a sudden clicks
and you can all do it if you believe in yourself and train)

Day 4- Legs, abs, and Light cardio
I workout on the machines
Hip Abductions- 40 w/50lbs
Hip Aductions- 40 w/50lbs
Leg Press- 20 w/50lbs
calf raises- 25 w/50lbs
lunges- 20 on each leg w/ 30lbs
wall sits- 1 minute hold w/20lbs
Prone Leg curl- 15 w/50lbs
(2-3 sets)

Then I rest and try to eat healthy
I feel like fitness is so important but so are the rest days 
It is when I get things done
When I re-energize

(May 4th 2011)
This is me today
I do not know how much I weigh because 
really weight isn't as important to me
as how I feel
I can tell you however that I am not yet to my goal
but I am working at it everyday
I feel like what I am doing is working
And I will be there soon.

If you have any questions about what I do please feel free to email me
Make sure to check out my blog
Be sure to have a look around and become a follower
I love to meet new people
I love to talk about my journeys 
and hope to keep ya'll updated on my fitness goals 
And hopefully a completion of a half marathon this summer

HAPPY Exercise WEEK!
You know what to do, Link it up!

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  1. Great job on your first guest post Whitney (and what a totally awesome blog to get to guest post on!)!! I loved reading all about your fitness journey-it's motivating to know that everyone has their ups and downs along their fitness track and that no matter where you are physically, it's never to late to start doing something NOW! You're beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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