May 2, 2011

Exercise Week!

Are you excited or what!! 
We sure are..
How did last week's healthy eating go? (not so good for us. oops)
But that's the beauty of it, it's a whole new week and we can keep taking those small steps to a new and improved us!
Today we're going to kick off exercise week by asking 
What do you do to exercise and keep in shape??? 
Link back up to us and let us know your secrets of working out and what works best for you! We have a REAL exciting week planned for you all and we are super duper excited. 

What do we do to work out you ask? Well....we don't. 
BUT we're starting TODAY!
And here's what we're doing...

What ASH does:
Hmm... Gooood question...
  Last year before I found out I was pregnant I was working out with Jillian Micheals from the Biggest Loser.  Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal; she came to my house everyday and yelled at me and made me cry a little... 
(OK, ok- She really didn't come to my house. I have her 30 Day Shred DVD. But she still made me cry a little...)
It was awesome and I was doing sooo well. But then I found out I had a little nugget in me and I pretty much just quit cold turkey.
I've been lucky to have most of the baby weight come off naturally due to nursing, but stuff still jiggles.  Which I really dislike. So what do I do now?  Well... (*embarrassing...*) 
I do squats while I brush my teeth.   
{So when my hubby looks at me funny and asks what I'm doing, I tell him I'm fighting cavities. hehee}
But for reals-it works...and you're multitasking!
  I do twenty real ones
-so I look waaay attractive with my GB clear out and about to the peepers looking in my winder...
(GB: ghetto booty: big and round tushie-not the same as pirate booty...)
 then 40 small ones (pulses) and repeat 3 or 4 times. 
My hammies and quads can vouch-they're sore today.
But now because I am so embarrassed, and have probably given you WAAY too much information- I pretty much have to restart with Jillian TODAY!   Guess I'll have to give her call-aka-dig through my DVDs and find her.

What ROZ does:
I'm SO glad we started this blog because it has given me a new sense of motivation knowing you gals have got my back! I'm attempting to start the P90X cd's (the ones that have never been used) but
And I'm seriously way way excited. I have yet to try P90X but the infomercials make it look WAY cool! (if they can look that cool, so can we right??)
I took my "before" pictures and can't WAIT to see if I get some sweet results. So all you ladies out there who have P90X and have yet to try it like me... let's try it together and start it TODAY! I figured out we can have the "s word" bod by the last week of July, which is perfect because that's when it starts getting warm in Utah and Idaho haha.
Soo Friends, here goes nothin'..
P90X here we come!!

let's link it up ladies!



  1. hiiii, ur blog is really good!!
    i´ll follow you =) follow me back if you want:

    Silvialicious =)

  2. You guys are HILARIOUS!! I am laughing my GB (Ghetto booty!!) Off at work. Oh man. You guys are great!
    Jilian Micheals promised to visit me for 30 days, she quit after one day. OUCH!! I'm loving my tex mex, instead of peach o's :(:( and the bike ride nightly is fun, and bonding time with the hubbs!

  3. I actually do a mix between Jillian, p90x, and walking/jogging with the double stroller. I think you will get great results with either- just stick to it. I had to stop p90x after hurting my knee but I could definitely see some muscle definition. I prefer Tony to Jillian - she annoys me' lol can't wait to see your thoughts on both!

  4. thanks for stopping by C&C. y'all have a precious blog, too! i love the exercise week idea. definitely something i should do!!

  5. It just figures that I would be sick on the first day of exercise week. ;) I will be following along, though, and getting tips for when I'm on the mend!

    Your blog is so much fun! I'm having a great time browsing. :)

  6. I totally get the jiggle thing. I keep telling my husband that I'm still skinny fat because nothing is toned. I'm going to try to at least commit to a 10 minute abs routine daily. Maybe I'll add the squats.

  7. Ohhh girls. There's a reason I don't put full-length pictures of me on my blog. :) Four kids = nasty muffin top. My current favorite thing to do to workout is spinning class at my gym. OMG. You burn 500 calories in an hour - that's the same as jogging for an hour, but wayyyyy easier!!!

    You guys have the cutest blog ever! Evereverever! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You seriously, seriously made my day. You have now earned a new blogstalker.

  8. My husband and I did P90X together before I got pregnant with my first and then as soon as I found out I had "my little nugget" I pretty much quit cold turkey too, but it totally kicked my GB-in a good way:). We have a treadmill now that I love to run on, but you may have convinced me to call up sweet little miss Jillian!

    Also wanted to let you girlies know I gave you an award over at my blog-thanks for inspiring me!

  9. Ha ha! I totally just realized you've already been awarded this! Oh well...hopefully it'll send you some new blog stalkers!!

  10. Hey girls! Thanks for visit and sweet comment! Your blog is great! As a crafter in training (wink wink), I will definitely be visiting y'all often! I'm your newest follower! Would love for y'all to come visit and follow back!


  11. BAHAHAHAHAH!!! DUUUUUDE, we need a Ghetto Booty club. I love squats, too. They are AMAZING.

    I've been doing Zumba (LOVE IT) and running and Just Dance Wii. I can already see a difference in how my clothes fit and it's only, a few weeks?

    You are BRAVE to do P90X. You're hard core!

  12. Ghetto Booty! I've never had one of those...ha ha :) I love 30 Day Shred! I started it a few weeks ago!

  13. Hey girls!
    Thx for the visit and comment on my blog!
    I wrote a fitness must haves post and linked up!!!


    Happy Fitness Week!

  14. I {heart} the idea of a GB club! Yay for GBs! Nikky, you can be our honorary GB-er. OR you can stuff pillows in your pants-I won't tell :)

    GOOOO GBs!


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