April 30, 2011

What's for DINNER tonight?

Well, I'll tell you... 
right after we tell you the winners of our Giveaway!
We used a random number generator and here's what we got..
#1 winner is....The Mrs!
#2 winner is.....Kristin!
#3 winner is.... Adelina Priddis!
Thanks everyone who participated in our first giveaway, stay tuned the next one coming up REAL soon!

Now onto...


Now don't snicker... Cabbage has recently changed my life- OK, not really, but it's help me get a little more green in my diet with out much hassle.  Here's just a few interesting facts about the green head, or "caboche" if you speak French.
  • In olden times when asked "Where do babies come from?", mothers would answer-cabbage patches.  Legend has it, that is where we get the muy popular Cabbage Patch Dolls that come all bundled up or dressed with their own birth certificate.  (Remember those? :)
  • Cabbage has been known throughout the ages, both for its nutritional values, and for its medicinal values. It has recently become recognized that it can reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer (such as colon cancer and breast cancer) (squidoo.com)
    • It contains vitamins A, B, C,  and E, boosting metabolism, reducing stress, promoting healthy skin and eyes, boosts the oxygen uptake of blood cells which reduces acne, removes toxins,  and boosts the immune system. (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/760798)
  • Is easy to grow in all parts of the world- (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/760798)
    • Time to get that garden goin'- yeah?! 
  • Cabbage is found in one of the classics of ancient literature. Achilles washes cabbage in Homer’s The Iliad. (fruitandveggieguru.com)
How to pick out: Choose heads that are compact and heavy for their size. The outer leaves of the cabbage should be without defect and have good green or red color.

So what are we makin' bacon?  (mmm-bacon.)

I've got a recipe that is light, fast, and furiously yummy!
I call it Tuna, Veggies, Queso, and Cabbage on Pita Thingys...
{We may want to consider a shorter name...}


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following yours!

  2. We LOVE cabbage over here. Honestly, we have it at least twice a week, if not, more! Yummm

  3. Hi girls! Just found your blog from Natsprat and have had so much fun reading so many of your past posts! I love reading blogs that are funny, inspirational, AND motivational! (*yay* for "the S Word"-it's all about attitude right?! ha ha!) Excited to be following your blog!


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