April 18, 2011

Day One of EASTER WEEK! {Easter Traditions}

 Tell us your favorite Easter traditions and memories!!  
{We want to hear them!}
Email us at {truliescrumptious@gmail.com} and tell us your favorite memories and traditions and we'll post them on our blog through out this [EASTER] week!

What's ours you ask? 


We'll tell you.

Here's {Ashlie's} memory:

Easter has always been a favorite season of mine.  I don't know if it was the chocolate bunnies with our names on them that we got from our grandma (who owns a candy shop) or if it was because we always got the most beautiful dresses to wear, but  I remember one year in particular that to this day still mystifies and excites me.   

I  was about eh, 5 or 6 I think and we had everyone over to our house for egg rolls. Rhonda-mom makes the BEST egg rolls EVER! (Rhonda really isn't our mom's name, but my friends and I always called her that and it stuck...don't ask me why). I distinctly remember I was playing in my room right before dinner and being called into the kitchen to eat. 

I had kept my eyes open during the prayer (heehee) because I was SO excited! - the Easter Bunny had yet to come.  I looked into my brothers' room, which was across the hall from the kitchen,  and I saw sparkles streaming through the window.  It was probably the angle the sunlight, but I thought those sparkles were magic.
I thought it was the Easter Bunny.  

As quickly as I could snarf down my food I ran to my bedroom to behold an Easter basket full of goodies on my bed.  Yup, I thought to myself: 

 He's totally real.   

Here are some more *traditions* we had when we were kids:

  •  Painting our lips with malt easter eggs.  {It's totally just like lip stick!}

  • Getting our picture taken by the 3 foot Chocolate Bunny. [can you say YUM?]

  • Running around the house before church looking for clues as to where our Easter Baskets full of goodies are hiding.
  • After church, eating a nice meal consisting of ham, rolls, jello, green beans, ect.  Mmm...
  • Our grandma or Rhonda-mom reading us the story of Jeremy's Egg.  {We've both heard this story so many times, we have it memorized.  But it's a good one.}
  • Oh, and how can you forget coloring eggs :)


  1. Funny, informative and... COOL!
    Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. you guys are too cute! and i think it was blakey-g-gorgina and gabey baby that started the rhonda thing...weird how things stick. my favorite easter memories were the easter egg hunts that my mom and her siblings would put together...sometimes in our backyard and sometimes at my aunts and uncles places. there were always one or two eggs that were filled with money..and everyone wanted those eggs. my favorite "hunt" though was the year that my uncle dropped eggs out of his airplane into the pasture and the kids ran to catch them. ahh memories.

  3. My favorite Easter memories are 6 feet of snow, sunny days,long cross country ski trips, fun days with the community doing activities on our skis, hot chocolate, more chocolate, games, mysteries, UNO, cousins, birthday parties, cake, leg of lamb, Church.
    I can't wait to move back home to Norway.


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