April 11, 2011

Calling all MOMS!!


It's me-Ashlie...


I. am. nervous.

My husband and I are about to embark on our first road trip with little E (make that screaming E at the moment... it's bed time-need I say more?).   We weren't planning on going on any trips for a couple more months, but unfortunately my husbands' grandfather passed away this morning.  :(  He was such a great man.  I feel so bad that he didn't get a chance to meet his great-granddaughter, but I know she will be able to feel his spirit and he will always be with us in our hearts. 

I hope that he will be with us for this road trip.  It isn't just a few hours' drive; it's going to be about a 9 hour trek.  (gulp.)    I need all you professional moms out there to give me some advice as to what and how I should pack.  I realize with a baby you will pretty much need everything but the kitchen sink, but I need to know what's essential, but be mindful of space- we won't have a ton in our little car.
 I need advise on what will save me from a...
total mommy nightmare breakdown 

With this face...?  
I know right.  So hard to even think about getting mad with chubby cheeks like those, but I'm familiar with Murphy's law and it's better to be prepared than to end up like this at the side of the freeway:

I will luckily have my loving brother-in-law in the back seat with her (-that is until she has a HUGE blowout... ).  I've got a couple days to get things together so any helpful hints will be, well helpful.

And snacks!!  (heheh-maybe I'll share)  I'm not the biggest fan of fast food.  Greasy doesn't do well for Miss E's tummy and being out on the road and all...  just sayin'.


  1. I did several 6 hour roadtrips with my oldest daughter from the time she was 4 weeks till she was 2years old. Always bring papertowels, plastic bags, one gallon ziplockbags for dirty clothes, keep clean outfits in them till you need them. 5 should be good. Yes my daughter would throw up 5 times in 6 hours, very carsick baby my girl. Towels are good too if the carseat gets messy. Always drive around naptime. That is all I can come up with now. Have a good trip, and my deepest condolances to you and your family.

  2. Oh man! I travel a lot with my two kiddlets sometimes with hubby sometimes just me and the little rugrats..here is my advice.

    ~Be prepared to sing songs.

    ~keep them destracted if E is old enough to know what a horse or cow is tell E to keep a look out for those animals {this one helped a lot when they were getting restless!}

    ~ Snacks...fruit snacks, bring bottled water or juice to refill sippy cups...

    ~ number one rule! leave right before nap time or drive at night {they sleep!}

    ~ and if you have to stop at a park to let them run around..just do it..{cuz then they sleep some more!} its worth it...

    ~ don't be in a rush..

    Thats all I got..hope it helped a little! maybe even pack a premade lunch for the fam {that way you don't eat greasy fast food!}

    Good luck in packing! and good luck on the road trip!

  3. I'm not a mom yet, but I do remember what I wanted/needed when I was a kid. Now-a-days we have so much for the little ones its insane trying to think of all the possibilities.

    She'll probably sleep most of the time, but bring along a portable dvd player with any movies she likes to watch. Lots of snacks (put them in ziploc baggies for easy storage). Pack an ice chest with water and her favorite drink (you'll save money from stopping at the convenient store).

    Hope y'all have a safe trip. Sorry about the loss of his grandpa... My thoughts are with y'all.


  4. With E being so small, you should be fine because she will sleep most the time while driving. However, one thing to recommend, make sure she has major awake time before bedtime, that way she can still stay on routine. Try to stop and feed her around the time you guys are stopping to eat. Stretch her out, and enjoy the ride!! Loves.

  5. ash! i've never traveled that long with my little guy before (we are planning a 12 hr road trip this summer tho...yikes), but we have done a few treks to utah and at E's age she will most likely sleep most of the way. when she starts getting fussy pull over and get her out of the carseat. let her stretch..eat...and see mommy and daddy for 15 min or so. it will help to have someone sitting in back with her too...someone to watch. and don't forget her "lovie" and/or bink!

  6. Take your time. Stop and relax to let her out to stretch and eat. Only bring the essentials, if you can buy it there, then wait. Diapers, for example, bring enough for the car ride, and then buy more when you get there (saves packing room). I'd also pack a cooler with juice boxes, water, and pb&j's or ham and cheese.
    good luck, and I'm sorry about your grandfather-in-law.

  7. Some great tips thus far especially like the first one even non car sick kids make a mess being in that seat that long.

    For us stopping wasn't a good idea just was worse when putting back into the seat to take off again ... so just know each child id diff and each has their diff things ... and like said a few times food often does the trick .. gold fish, chereos ext. For us too the person in the back seat helped.

    Sometimes ear plugs are all you can do .. smiles .. just kidding or am I? heheheee

    ~Expect Miracles


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